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G.C. Camelot's Aqua
Sire: GC Camelot's Mini Mack
           (7th place Broken Sr. Buck 
           ARBA Convention 2009) 
Dam: Camelot's Abigail 
3 GC Legs  
Picture Courtesy of Jenny Poprawski

G.C. Camelot's Tikal
Sire: GC Camelot's Prawler 
(#4 Top Lop 2008) 
Dam: GC Camelot's Sabrina
(#1 Top Lop 2008)
3 GC Legs

Quality Holland Lop Breeder in Rochester New York 
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G.C. PE's Marley
Sire:  PE's Maximillian
 Dam: thf Saynora's Ginseng 
12 GC Legs

thf Saynora's Qwirby
Sire:  thf Saynora's Qwade
Dam: thf Saynora's Fanta

G. C. Proud Ear's Sashu
Sire:  CSR Milo
 Dam: Hudson Holland's Sasha
8 GC Legs
7th BSB 2011 HL Nationals 
4th BSB Day after Nationals
12th Place BSB ARBA Convention 2011

         G.C. LL Outlaw
              Sire: LL David     
         Dam: LL Vendetta
         Broken Sr. Buck
          8 GC Legs
            1 Best in Show, 1 Best of Breed 
  G. C. Camelot's Jigalow
      Sire  thf Saynora'sWiley
            Dam: Camelot's My Girl     
    11 GC Legs

G. C. Proud Ear's Kimball
Sire: thf Saynora's MooseTracks
Dam: Proud Ear's Portia
10 GC Legs
12th SSB ARBA Convention 2011

G.C. PE's Neopolitan
Sire: thf Saynora's Moose Tracks
    Dam: ANR'S Ziz 
8 Legs 
6/12/11 Best of Variety - Ithaca, NY MARCS open show A 
9/17/11 Best of Breed - Batavia NY open show A 

Proud Ear's Rabbitry Emily and James Meagher

Mac's Snickers
Sire: Camelot's Aqua
Dam: Camelot's Alley
3 GC Legs
​2 2 l

Mac's JJ
Sire: Camelot's Jigalow
 Dam: Camelot's Hannha   
   2 Legs

G.C. Mac's Colby
Sire: Mac's Nitro
 Dam: Camelot's Peep
   5 Legs

G.C. Mac's Maverick
Sire: PE's Marley
 Dam: Mac's Margarita
   3 Legs  

     Proud Ear's Nitro
Broken Blue
Sire: PE's Nioxion 
 Dam:​ Mac's Noto
8 GC Legs

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